Thursday, 28 March 2013

Newcastle and The Baltic!

Also last week whilst on my trip to Newcastle I went to visit the gorgeous Baltic. If you ever visit Newcastle this is a MUST place to visit! The view alone inside and around the Baltic is beautiful in its self!

One exhibition which caught my eye was the work of Fabrice Hyber. His current exhibition was being built as we visited but unfortunately opened the day after in which I had returned home. 

The Baltic Guide for the exhibition states: "Using a vast array of materials, Fabrice Hyber makes each of his works in response to another. considering works incomplete without and audience much of his exhibition is interactive, allowing his work to be engaged with ever-changing ways." 

I got so excited when the gallery assistant explained some of the pieces you could interact with I am definitely going to have another visit north to see it (I won't tell you what and spoil it for you). The Exhibition is on from 22nd March to 30th June 2013. It was great though to see the work of an exhibition being built. Here I put my paparazzi skills in place again with a quick snap on the man himself. Maybe I'm in the wrong career? :)

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