Thursday, 7 March 2013

Another Commission... Sandy the Rabbit.

I was asked by a close friend to draw her beloved rabbit Sandy. We all know if we've had a pet how close you get to them. I was very nervous to draw Sandy and hoped I caught his character. Once I got drawing I began to relax and enjoy the drawing process. I thought I would start with drawing his eyes as these are always tricky and also make the person/animal who they are. (And come alive).

Next I started with the outer body shape and then working in detail of his furr. I love drawing on tracing paper with biro. I love the tones the biro creates on tracing paper. It's definitely my favourite media to use.

And here we are. All ready to wrap for Amy. I am pleased to say she loved Sandy. I was very pleased with the finished result. So much I wanted to keep him :) 


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