Monday, 11 March 2013

New Design: Foxgloves & Butterflies.

I did this drawing last year (seems ages ago) but have always had an idea in mind what I wanted the design to look like. So I thought it was about time I got cracking with it. It felt like being back at uni producing a repeat pattern. It was great! With design I have always loved how with a single image you can produce a beautiful repeat pattern. 
After deciding on a layout which, in this case I chose a block repeat. I then drew out the design onto paper ready to produce a paint out. 

I had a look at the dyes I had available. I am aware I need to broaden my colours but to me this happens during the printing process. The dye I chose was a bottle green with some aubergine. I love/hate how messy using dyes is. Green fingers were a definite! 

Next... was the drawing part. Adding all the detail to the foxgloves. Each flower took just over an hour to add its detail. It was very time consuming but I loved every minute of it. I also found it very theraputic.

After the foxglove detail I just had the butterflies to finish. In this case I chose a gold pen to add the detail. With the majority of the piece being quite dark I think the gold is what it needed. They also look lovely when the light catches them. 

Here we are.. the finish paint out of my new design. The next step is producing a cut-threw and starting the Koda Trace. More details to follow!

©Lauren Cherice Designs

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