Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dear Diary 27.05.13

I feel like I have so much going on at the minute but I do love being busy. I have three part time jobs which isn't including Lauren Cherice Designs. I am also busy getting organised for my first craft stall of the year which is less than a week away! Eeek. 

At the weekend I popped in Behind the Times in Bridlington to supply them with my new stock.. my Iphone cases. The only problem going into the shop is that I want to buy EVERYTHING! There is so much to look at and want to buy. I love that the shop supports local crafters/designers too.

There is only one of each design there at the moment though! I hope for them to be on Etsy very soon :)

I have also been very busy in the knitting department. I am very addicted to 'Knit one, pearl one' at the minute. I have completed the pattern for Dylans jumper based on a book full of dog outfits which I got for my birthday. I decided to go with the size L but I think now it is going to be too small for Dylan. I intend to add a front panel to solve this problem. I would like to say thank you to my close friend Maggie who has had patience with me along the way. I also found this old multicoloured wool which I have started to knit with also.

We have also finally been in the Bridlington Free Press to celebrate our 1st birthday of been going for a year. I do think its such a lovely photo of us all. I have also got myself my dream bike! I LOVE it. It is so refreshing in the morning getting up and going for a ride on your way to work. 

I also came across these old cards I produced at university. They are screen printed with my squirrel repeat. I am debating what to do with them next. I can't decide whether to take them to my stall in Stockton this saturday! 

I have just spent a lovely weekend with some of my close friends from home. Lydia lives in York and Daniel lives in London so it is lovely to catch up with them at home for this bank holiday. Jade is now back after training to be a teacher. Dylan is growing up and I just love him more each day. He now has a new favourite thing of sneaking for a little snuggle on the bed in the morning. Here is Dylan watching me dry my hair. I think he was very bored as it seemed to take forever.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! 

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