Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My Dream:My Studio...

I have one dream.... to have my own successful print studio. I love screen printing, (incase you haven't noticed) and would love nothing more.

I am now excited to say this dream is a possibility now I have an available space. I have been very lucky to have got my hands on this space in Bridlington.....

It needs a lot of work but I have been very lucky in one area... The warehouse (to be studio) was originally used for making parachutes. Therefore I was very excited to see it had an extremely large table. The table stretched the entire length of the room, and is in a fantastic condition.

Above, shows the table before. I chose to break down the table into a three tables which could be made into print tables. If you follow my facebook page you will have seen me transfer two of them into print tables. 

Above: The Tables before..
Below: Is the tables after they have been covered.

I now have three tables, two of which are covered already. One measures 1.5m and the other 3m. The largest table which is yet to be covered measures just over 9m. I am very excited to print on them in the future. My next step in order to get printing is to have a wash booth so I can wash my screens and to build a bigger exposure unit. 

I am also excited about another new addition to the studio.... a loom. I certainly aren't a weaver but my close friend Jade is. When she found a loom for sale locally I couldn't let her not buy it. So I thought where else would be a perfect space... and here it is! I'm sooo excited to see her use it. I've seen her work from university and it is amazing! We can teach each other! :)


  1. Amazing Lauren!..Sooo Happy for you and quite proud too!..Can't wait for all the amazing goodness to come out from there!Congratulations!



    1. Thank you. Still alot of work needs to get up and running but I'm sure I will get there :) Thanks for your on going support :)

  2. What a FAB space, so exciting!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, it still needs LOADS of work but its a start :)