Saturday, 8 June 2013

Creative Expo Fair : Looka Teesside at Stockton.

The 1st June seemed to come and go really fast! I was very excited/ nervous for the first of this summers craft events. I was very surprised to have such a large table at this event and was worried I would't fill the space well but I was very pleased with the finished result. I always try to give my stall a vintage market stall theme with my wicker baskets and boxes. I love hunting the local charity shops and online for various props. So here it is my stall...

What do you think?

I also love meeting people at these events. I was excited to see one of my close friends Bev at this event from Uniko Studio. As a class mate from Cleveland College of Art and Design I have had the pleasure of following Bev along her journey. It is always exciting seeing her new creations. For more about Uniko Studio, check out their website here:

I also had the pleasure of having my stall next to the lovely Samantha Grig. Samantha creates beautifully hand knit and crochet accessories for you and your home, all made out of British wool! Her work is stunning and as a fan of bobble hats I would love some of her creations for myself! You can find Samantha's work on her Folksy page: Go check it out!

Since the beginning of May I have been creating many little 'to do' lists leading up to this event. I think my planning worked well as I didn't have to worry about things not been done in time. The day was lovely although we had alot of rain in the morning. The drive was lovely too and I spotted two deers near Whitby. I absolutely love the drive from Bridlington to Middlesbrough and threw the Moors. 

I had some little sales which is nice but I do love the experience of showcasing my work and getting feedback. Many people say my work reminds them of Beatrix Potter which is a huge compliment. I never thought of my work in that way before but when I think about my imagery I can clearly see why. 

On my stall I had a selection of screen printed totes, cushions, cards and squirrel kits. Some Giclee prints, greetings cards and iPhone cases featuring my original drawings. I now think I am ready to start some new designs and get my studio ready :)

I have also sent more Squirrel tote bags and Squirrel Making kits to the Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton! So if your near by why not pop in and check out some lovely art work! 

You can also view and buy my work on my Etsy page:

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