Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Dylan's Play Date!

I was very excited when my sister said her friend has a female french bull dog who is also a brindle. Dylan loves other dogs, so much he starts crying in street if he can't go say hello. So, I was very eager to introduce him to Poppy who is 5. 

Yesterday we met at the beach, I wasn't sure how they would be, Dylan was clearly intrigued and eager to be off his lead to run around straight away. It turned out to be so funny. They were constantly running after each other, in the sea in the sand. Poppy, even though older and larger in size was alot faster than Dylan. Here are a few of my favourite photo's from last nights events. 

I also follow quite a lot of frenchie's on instagram and have been in regular contact with someone locally in Scarborough who have a french bull dog a day older than Dylan who is also a brindle. It is great to see his progress like Dylan's. You can find his instagram page here:

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