Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A New Commission... Two little dogs...

My lovely friend Jade asked me to draw her two dogs, Reg and Jeff. I was very excited/nervous as I know these dogs well and really wanted to do a good job. Especially when she said she wanted them to be a gift for her mums birthday. So as of Monday I had these finished. I do love drawing animals as you know but I do tend to stick to drawing birds. I was a bit uncertain how their hair would come along but I had a bit of practice earlier by drawing Dylan. So here we go....

I started with the face as I feel this is the most important part. I didn't want to leave this till last as I think the eyes are what makes it look like the animal/person. I was very happy once I had completed this stage as I definitely could see a likeness. 

Here is a little picture of me at work :) just so you can put a face behind all this chattering.

So here we are, the finished results. I used pen on tracing paper for these drawings backed on card and wrapped for presenting. I do love drawing and it was nice to get some time this summer to relax. I am now excited to start more development on my studio. My next stage is some designing and to build a larger light box to expose some bigger screens. Then its the water situation. I am still hoping to build my screen collection too.

Anyway thats enough rambling for one post. Please feel free to let me know what you think?
Thanks, Lauren :)

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  1. what great characters these pups have. So sweet.
    Anne Marie Jackson/Pattern Occurring