Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Priory Menswear Summer 13!

Nearly a year and a half from their opening date, The Priory Menswear has been transformed. Their ever growing list of top brands being stocked has led to this amazing selection of footwear for the locals of Bridlington and beyond to catch a glimpse of. I remember when I first went into the store their shoe collection began as only about dozen. Now, they grab your attention as you walk threw the door with their fantastic choice. 

Most recently the store has had its third refit to accommodate its growing footwear stock. Which pair catches your eye? 

Along with some photo's of the shop I thought I would share with you some of my favourite items of clothing they have to offer with some gorgeous prints!

Firstly we have the Jansport Off Trail Multiflower Power backpack. This print is so fun, it immediately caught my eye, so much, I had to purchase it myself (but the smaller version). It is perfect for if it rains being waterproof and I love that when I wear mine I feel like I'm off back to school :)

Next is the Drunk Aloha shirt by HUF. Its bold all over print includes the Hawaiian atmosphere, Huf branded bottle caps and text. Definitely one to wear on your jollies! 

Penfield Casper 5 Panel Cap Printed Denim- I love its all over leaf print. I would wear this myself just for the print but I don't think it will suit me :)

Below is the Obey vintage Tie-Dye Tee. Tie-dye is everywhere at the moment, with festival season in full swing everyone has gone crazy for it. I have been meaning to have a go myself over the summer holidays but not manage to get round to it. I'm hoping to create something for Dylan. 

Finally, another floral print. You can never go wrong with florals, here there and everywhere. Here we have the Carhartt Blue Orchid shirt. Another all over ditzy print. 

For more info about them check out the links below!

You can find their website here:
Or join them on facebook here:
Tweet them here: @PrioryMenswear 

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