Thursday, 15 August 2013

Guido Daniele

Today I am sharing the amazing work of Guido Daniele. I do feel like I have blogged about his work before but that was many posts a go. I thought I would check out his work again and see what new creations he has produced. Guido Daniele creates these beautiful animals on human hands. He also does he beautiful painting on peoples entire body. Born in Italy in 1950 he now lives and works in Milan.

The eyes are simply captivating. There is so much detail within each piece. You can hardly tell that it is a hand. I wonder if he has ever had a go on feet? I'm sure the paint brush must give you a tickle! 

His work has caught international interest from across the glove. I think you can easily see why! 

For further information check out his website! It is full of inspiration: