Friday, 17 January 2014

A little trip to York!

This week I had a lovely little trip to York to catch up with these two from Uni! Its been ages. It was a fab day although the sales did manage to persuade me to spend. Especially in Cath Kidston! How gorgeous is this bedding! I love birds, and love Cath Kidston's current designs which feature some lovely birdies themselves. However I didn't only just treat myself. Dylan got some extra special polka dot food bowls :)

We did try to get into York Minister but when we got inside it appeared to be close. The gift shop however was open and had various souvenirs with peoples names on. As you do, you can't resist having a nosey to see if your names there, this is what I found to my delight.... 

I would like to think its true :)

I also bought this gorgeous butterfly poster in Urban Outfitters. I couldn't resist. The office is nearly finished and I can't wait to get drawing and organising all my art equipment and books! I shall post a picture when its done.

I am also delighted to have had some very generous sponsors for my North Sea Dip which is less than two weeks away! Please feel free to help where you can:

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  1. York is one of my favourite places! I love visiting and always find something new each time i go! x