Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Run of Dye 2014!

Last weekend I took part in the Run or Dye event at Castle Howard in Yorkshire. All geared up in my running gear all I needed was my white Run or Dye T-shirt. I was ready and began the 5K race very clean.....

We then slowly began to get more and more colourful. I did the event with my two close friends Lydia ad Jade. At each 1KM we got showered by people ready and waiting to throw coloured dye at you. It was so exciting to see everyone smiling and too exciting to find out which colour would be next.

I don't know how my phone survived the event, I was worried but it did, and we got some fantastic photographs of the event! Being a girl, pink was the favourite colour to get thrown :)

After the run everyone gathered around the stage with music and more dye being thrown in celebration. It was fantastic and such a fab experience. I have never ran any type of race before and it was such an enjoyable experience with two of my close friends, and what better way to make you happy than have loads of colour thrown at you! All ages ran from big to small.

Here is one of the dye stops. Now you may be worried what this is doing to the environment. The dye is an eco friendly plant based powder! So no need to worry. You may only need to worry about your clothes. :)

Many were in neon tutu's and other fancy dress. What caught everyones eyes was this couple dressed as the bride and groom. Her dress did begun the journey white but by the end was a lovely rainbow of colour. I think it is such a fab idea. More so for the bride than the groom.

The grounds were fantastic. I have been to Castle Howard before the visit the house and gardens. The poor people visiting on the day must of been slightly worried they would end up covered in colour themselves. Here is a little picture of me jumping with excitement. 

It was great to see so many people running for what ever reasons they have, whether it was personal, charity or just for fun. It didn't matter whether you was a keen runner, it was about enjoying the experience and enjoying the colour. I have such a laugh.

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