Monday, 5 March 2012

Back to Yorkshire....

I have now finished my placement and stayed an extra two weeks bringing it to 2 months which went extremely fast! I feel like I have learnt so much and feel very inspired! Definitely worth all the spending and opened my eyes to how much it costs living in the capital.

Also... I can't believe its actually march already and already one week in! Its very strange going from the 'big smoke' and travelling about to being back home living next to the countryside and hearing the birds tweet in a morning rather than the loud noises of planes. I shall be still busy posting lots of things though so please keep checking the blog :) More to follow.....


  1. I will Lauren. I am waiting with baited breath to hear how your light box exposure goes!!!

    1. Joy... third time lucky it worked! so... if you use a light box I would expose for about 20 mins! and it worked! So relieved! hope it works again and just wasn't a one off! Xxxx