Sunday, 18 March 2012

Update of the Last Week Coming Up! Part 2.

March is upon us and so is spring, fields are beginning to fill with daffodils- love them! This also meant it was time for my two friends from the north- Anni and Lindsay to come visit!

I wanted to show them as much as I could in the two days they was here, although it went by so fast it felt like they was only here a second. On the second day we went to Scarborough which was lovely. We had a nice long walk along the sea front, had an icecream (however, Anni knocked Lindsay's on the floor). We had a good walk and came across these murals on the walls down a side street. It was painted a few years ago by four different artists and took 710 hours! We thought it was amazing and adds even more colour to the seaside.

p.s Hope everyones had a lovely mothers day!

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