Sunday, 24 February 2013

New Stockist: Joe Cornish Gallery, Northallerton.

I am very excited to announce a new stockist of my tote bags! The Joe Cornish Gallery in Northallerton has a small selection of my hand printed tote bags! I am very excited to have my items at another fantastic gallery! Also in Yorkshire! 

Along side the fantastic work of Joe Cornish are items by other artists. What caught my eye was the ceramic work of Fiona Mazza. Her ceramic pots look beautiful and the fact they resemble butterfly wings makes them even more stunning. Such a great idea for a design! 

Joe Cornish's work is simply stunning, his photography is so clear and sharp. The colours he has captured in the landscapes is fantastic. They were really amazing, I found myself getting lost within them. 

Dylan was also allowed in the Gallery but I think the beautiful work was too much for him as he wanted to hide under this table! (It was also his first trip out away from Bridlington).

The Shop where my totes will have their new home.

For more information about the gallery check out their website: