Monday, 4 February 2013

Some Beautiful Pictures of Bridlington on Instagram by Lynne Morelli

Over the last year, one app which has become increasingly popular is the photo editing app- Instagram. I love to use it myself and like other networking sites it is a great way to share your favourite moments in pictures with others. One person whose work I have become a huge fan of is the work of Lynne Morelli.
Lynne has traveled all around the country taking beautiful landscape shots of the sights around her. I was very happy to notice these familiar shots of Bridlington in some of her latest posts. 

I love Lynne's use of contrasting colours; the blue bright sky in contrast to the dirty north east sea water. It simply looks beautiful. They definitely make Bridlington shine as a seaside town.

To View more of Lynne's Work you can find her Instagram page here: 

Or for any enquiries drop her an email: 

You can find me too :)

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