Thursday, 14 February 2013

A little Commission :)

A few weeks ago, I completed my first little commission for a friend who gave me free reign on what I could produce for them. The main task being they wanted this poem which has sentimental value to them on a piece of fabric. 
I thought about putting the text on the screen but in the end decided to embroider the wording by hand. This was quite time consuming but I found it a rather relaxing change compared to my normal screen printing. 

After all the embroidering the next task was to make the plain white fabric come to life with some colour. This bit scared me as I had taken so much time with the embroidery, if the colour went wrong it would be such a shame. After quizzing my friend about colour I chose a lemon yellow and an orange scarlet dye. Using a paint brush I painted the dye directly onto the fabric whilst wet letting the two colours merge. I chose to the keep the dye the lightest around the text. 

Then it was the part I was also very excited about... adding abit of screen print! The lady who the poem was for LOVES animals so I knew she would be a fan of Mr Squirrel!

Mr Squirrel was then brought to life a little with some embroidery for himself.

And there you go! The finished piece!