Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Knitting Clubs Creations!

Tonight we have had another knitting club session. I thought I would share with you some of the creations made by these talented ladies. We are a mixed ability group which is great as we all learn from each other. Some crochet too which is now becoming popular with the group. I was also delighted to see three new members turn up. It is great meeting new people. At present we have about 15 members. Its fantastic.

You may have seen me post on Instagram this picture of Maggie's selection of beautiful British made wool. She has now transformed them from balls into this stunning crochet fabric which is to be made into a cushion. 

Maggie has developed her crochet skills over the last few weeks with some help from the lovely Rowena. 

Above: Maggie's Crochet & Weave Bowl.

Above: Rowena's Crochet Flower

Some of the members of the group have been knitting doll's clothes which are to be sent to Nepal to have a new home with a doll called Tasha which has already been sent. I haven't tried to knit anything yet as I am still a beginner but this lovely outfit was produced by Karen.

A Lovely Newborn Hat made by Karen.

Fianlly, another piece by Rowena. A few weeks a go she created a poppy cushion in cream. This week she came along with the same design on a light brown/grey. I love the poppy's. This is going to be my next task! I am determined to be learnt how to make this gorgeous item! 

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