Friday, 11 July 2014

A week ago today...

I was catching up on some sleep having spent the previous week at the magical place that is Glastonbury. I have never been to a festival before but I think I certainly picked a good one for my first. Glastonbury was amazing, filled with all different types of performing arts. I didn't realise it had such variety, especially for all the family. It was lovely to settle in the first few days of exploring with some gorgeous sunshine!

This circus performer had come all the way from Australia. He may have only had a small stage but the crowds grew as his act took place. I couldn't believe his balancing. Amazing!

After the sun came the mud, it was alot of fun, but my phone nearly got lost! Good job its yellow!

Music, performers and lots of stalls! The choice was endless. These felt hats were very popular amongst the crowds, I wish I had bought one myself. They were so much fun.

Glastonbury has many different areas including its healing field and craft field which held different work shops throughout the day for you to take part in! I do think to get everything done I needed at least a few more days. The place was huge! A lot bigger than I thought.

I really hope I get to go next year :)

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