Sunday, 13 July 2014

My love of growing vegetables.

Well a few months a go I adopted a vegetable patch and some little trees. Now a few months down the line I have blackcurrents, potatoes and some other vegetables (fingers crossed).

With some little help from my nan I turned these black currents into a jam. I did taste one straight off the bush and it is fair to say it wasn't as nice as it smelt. It smelt like Ribenna but tasted extremely sour.

To make it into jam we placed the currents in a pan and added lots of sugar, stirring whilst their boiled.

Then leaving them to cool the next day I ended up with some jam on toast. I'm sure to make a more nicer jam it would need some extra steps but I was just to excited to experiment.

Then I had all this open space with the odd little plant starting to emerge. I then realised these were potatoes and decided to plant some more. This was the beginning of May. With all the contrasting weather, rain, sun, more sun, more rain, the combination started the potato plants to grown.

We have a lot of cats in the area to to try keep them off I added some netting. Then when the plants started to emerge I began to bank the sooil up around the potatoes. This helps the roots under the flower to grow making potatoes!

And grew...

They then grew...
And grew... I then also planted onion, carrots, runner beans, peas and spring onions. We will see how these grow. I do see some onions emerging. And here you have it! I have some potatoes! These are just a few of the plants that emerged. I cannot believe how many I have so far! Hopefully they will keep me going a while. :) So impressed! Even if I say so myself! 

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