Thursday, 3 July 2014

Bridlington's Secret Gardens. 2014.

After a fab time at Glastonbury, I am now spending the next few days updating you with news on my blog! I hope my blog has missed me! Many of my blog posts do include lots of floral pictures! But why not! We are all embracing summer so let enjoy what nature gives us. A couple of weeks a go with some friends we went to visit the Bridlington Old Town's Secret Gardens. It has been on every year but due to work commitments I have never been to visit boo. But this year I was in luck.....

It was lovely for the home owners to let us into their gorgeous homes for this event. The event is held at numerous houses around Bridlington, but due to time I only managed exploring the Old Town. First up was the gardens behind the Georgian Tearooms. Along with enjoying cakes and a cup of tea, the tea rooms also hold a fantastic variety of antiques and vintage finds! I did make a purchase of some rustic metal flowers for my gardens! You may see a pic on my Instagram. 

After the tearooms we visited some gorgeous houses! When walking down the High Street you would not image what beauty would be behind those walls! I was in shock. The size of the garden's alone were amazing! 

It was also lovely to see so many people interested in the garden's and enjoying the beautiful flowers. 

Lots of my favourite flowers about, including the foxglove! So many of them popping about at this time of year! Along with finding many secret doors..... 

Alongside all the secret gardens, behind the shops and homes of the High Street in Bridlington is a farm and allotment. I was a little confused by this but the ducks, chickens and geese run so freely, it is fantastic to see them enjoying life. You can certainly tell this has its benefits by the size of the eggs they produce. In this glorious sunny day they were enjoying the lovely sun. 

This is my favourite shot from the day, I am rather scared of bee's and wasps but was determined to get this picture so I could draw it. I love flowers and drawing so it was a perfect occasion to get my inspired. 

I will now wait until its opened next year :)

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