Sunday, 20 October 2013

New Designs: New Screens to Play with!

Hi all. I am still back at CCAD at the moment, I love spending my spare evenings trying to get some of my work done which is fantastic. The new print areas, dye lab and mixing studio are all fantastic. I have also thoroughly enjoyed being in some of the student work shops. In the future I would love to run my own screen printing work shops so it is great to see Vicky in action! (The pro) :)

For this weeks samples it has all been about my Foxglove design and Mr Robin. I have a few more little designs but these are yet to be tested. I am so happy with the outcome of these two screens. I always get anxious making my screens so when I get to see the first printed result it makes me feel fantastic! I get so excited!

The other high light of my week was producing a jelly! As this is one of my favourite food! Your never too old for some wobbly jelly I say! 

What do you think? 

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