Monday, 14 October 2013

Print Print Print!

Hi all!
Again, I've had another busy week, I am trying to keep up and on track of my tasks! Here I have to share with you one of my new tote bag designs. It's Dylan! I couldn't resist. I do hope you all like him. We all know what my friends and family will be getting for Christmas. Dylan himself doesn't seen to even realise its him. :) 

I have been back at CCAD again this week. I thought I would have a go at doing some printing in my spare time on an evening. I was delighted to find an old backing cloth from when I produced my final samples. Can you see my tree, mirror and clocks? There is also the leaves design visible which was the design of my close friend Lindsay.

I love mixing new pigments too, yum! :)

Here are some more of my samples. I now have a couple of Mr Penguin and Mr Duck tote bags, they are just waiting to be photographed. My leopard design is also soon to be on a tote, I might experiment with colour further for this one as there is lots of imagery to play with.  

Last week, I also got a new phone and its yellow! It has taken some getting used to and I have missed my Mr Duck phone case dearly. So much so, I have still been using my old phone as a camera. He hopefully will be going to a new home soon.

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